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Make Bonous

10 - 50 Mb 4 € 1 € 1 € 1 €
51 - 250 Mb 12 € 1 € 1 € 1 €
251 - 1000 Mb 18 € 1 € 1 € 1 €
1001 - 3000 Mb 27 € 2 € 2 € 1 €
3001 - 5000 Mb 40 € 2 € 2 € 1 €
*Country Groups :

A) Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Italy
B) Japan, Australia,U.A.E, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland,Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, Spain
C) Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Egypt
D) All Others.

This is how our programm works:
Join us for free & upload your files
Share your links in forums, websites, blogs etc.
Count you daily referrals in your statistics area and get paid!
Convert your revenue earnings into premium vouchers for!
We send payouts via Paypal, Bank Transfer and Amazon Gift Vouchers, the minimum amount for payout is €50!

Affiliate Plan: Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) - We pay you 35% of premium sales and 20% of follow up sales!
Receive 10% standard share of every referral you made, that means 10% of the money people spend to become premium at!
Gather your referral link code and add it in forums, websites, blogs, tweets, facebook etc.
This, of course, means that you can receive extra money simply by inviting your friends to work with us
through advertisements! We provide ready banners which you can place anywhere you want, to forget though to add your referral link to them!
Re-Bills will be counted as well and will be credited to you with 20%!
Make your links "premium only" in order to force people to buy a premium account, so you can receive more sales!

Extra: Our extra Webmaster 10% plus scheme!Receive an extra additional 10% of every sale made from visitors coming from your website, forum or blog. Just add the textfile or meta tag found in your account area at Worldbytez to your site. Don't forget to verify your site afterwards in order to make sure that the tag is working!

NEW: Our Gold Affiliate Plan
Gold Plan: Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) - We pay you 50% of premium sales and 30% of follow up sales!
Receive more commission, priority support and flexibility for your Affiliate status, become a Gold Affiliate today and earn more money! To be eligible for a Gold Affiliate you must have done at least 30 sales per month (bills and rebills) and you need to apply on this link::
telling us your username and your done sales in the last 30 days. We will manually approve every new Gold Affiliate. You will receive then access from us to the extra Gold Affiliate page where you can retrieve more information.

Rules and Conditions :
Your uploads must meet our terms of service.
Before start to upload you have to contact with us to activate the affiliate program for your username.
We count every successful completed download. We count one unique file per unique IP address every 24 hours.
Files smaller than 2MB do not qualify for points.
Minimum payout is €50 EUR.
You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate our system.
Downloads by your own account do not count.
WorldBytez reserves the right to modify the rewards program at any time.