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  • Affiliate Users

    February 03th, 2023

    NEW Keep Your Files For Forever Only For Affiliate Users
    NEW Keep Your Files Premium Users Only 120 Days

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  • Radar Ips

    January 16th, 2023

    We would like to inform you that in case the radar finds many ips for multiple download account there is a possibility that you will lose it completely and there is no way to recover...
    We are making this update so that you are careful with your account because many people have lost it..

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  • Beware of Scammers

    January 16th, 2023

    Some experts sell bills
    Provided they can download from
    External HOSTER files from
    Please pay attention to them. You will fall victim to fraud.
    No one can download unless they have their own WordBytez account.

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  • Upgrade

    January 16th, 2023

    Soon we will enter a new environment after an upgrade in case you find a problem it will be for the moment please be patient until the upgrade is finished..

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